The 5 Best Tattoo Artists You Need To Follow on Instagram

There is a reason they are known as tattoo artists since these inked designs are actual ART. So, whether you are thinking about obtaining a tattoo, searching to obtain another, or simply simply enjoy awesome tats, these 21 Instagram accounts provides you with major inspiration.

1- Keith McCurdy

Keith, or Bang Bang as he’s also known by, is a well-liked tattoo artist located in New york city. You may have seen the tats he’s accomplished for Rihanna, but he’s additionally a go-to artist for a lot of other celebs, for example Cara Delevingne, Attacking Young Boys, The Teen Sensation, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and much more.

2- Jonathan Valena Jonboy

JonBoy is yet another celebrity tattoo artist who’s phone card is his so-small-you-might-miss-them designs, such as this finger nail tat, for example. Everybody from Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid to Sophia Richie has become a JonBoy’s signature small tat. But whether you make the leap, you’ll love following his take into account his small designs, insanely gorgeous handwriting, and the signature black-and-white-colored aesthetic.

3- Gabby Colledge

Gabby’s Instagram feed features lots of ribcage tats, such as this seaside sunset pictured here. Her dainty and unique designs feature from nature to abstract line try to sentimental quotes.

4- Jess Chen

Jess’s Instagram page features lots of minimal tats, but she’s sometimes known on her sketch-like floral designs, such as this one. Try not to sleep on her behalf smaller sized emoji-like designs, that are also very adorable.

5- Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown of @feralcatbox is resides in Chicago and helps to create tattoos that appear to be like legit works of art. Various plants and creatures designs are frequently featured on her behalf page, as well as clients with intricate existence-like tattoos according to everything nature.

6- Franki Tattoo

The Barcelona-based artist focuses on gorgeous black-and-white-colored tattoos with many different contrast. His designs generally feature moths, flowers, wild birds, oh, as well as skulls.

Best 5 Tattoo dot artists you should follow
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